About Us

The Aanomlee Story

Hi. Hello. Welcome. We at Aanomlee aim to create a brand that makes you feel more at home in your own skin. Whatever skin you choose to wear! As we've experienced the shocking reality of being 'outsiders', we've chosen to revel and embrace that and hopefully help others find and be confident in their own anomaly.

Behind aanomlee

A Shared Passion

Aanomlee was created by two best friends who wanted to work somewhere they could have fun. We wanted to do more than sell things we liked and be happy--we wanted everyone else to be happy too! With Aanomlee, we're celebrating individuality and letting our customers send their own personal message through what they wear.
It all started with a dream of working for ourselves doing something creative. So we built it! When we were dreaming about starting our own business, we imagined creating a place where people could express themselves through fashion.

I Think, Therefore Aanomlee

Aanomlee is a clothing store for the mildly to seriously weird. If you're looking to cosplay as your favorite character, or just want to make a stylish statement that screams "you can't put me in a box!", you've come to the right place! Here you'll find something new and different every day, including everything from Wonder Woman's magic lasso to dragon skin boots (maybe not together).

Things We Care About

We strive to be honest with our customers and ourselves by keeping our word and delivering on our promises

Our Ambition

Driven by Enthusiasm

We launched Aanomlee early 2022 and have been growing thanks to the loyal customers who've helped us. We've recently started adding new odd collection so our ever-expanding customer base would never run out of inventive. Welcome to the Aanomlee family, happy shopping!