What’s Up With Streetwear?

What’s Up With Streetwear?

“Hey what’s up with that thing called streetwear?”

“Oh, streetwear? Well let me tell you!”

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 To some, streetwear is a lifestyle, their designated arrival with no departure, to the expression of their life. To others it’s an addition to the many facets of how they choose to visually express themselves. And to the rest, they may not have even heard of it yet, or have chosen to resist the allure streetwear presents. 


The general consensus is that streetwear was born from the 1970’s and it has not stopped growing baby! Born from the streets, the surfers, the skaters, the Japanese nightlife outliers, this fashion trend is not a trend at all. Although it has since gained mainstream attraction, worn and promoted by celebrities like Kanye West, Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, ASAP Rocky, etc., even major designers and fashion houses cashing in on this worldwide movement, streetwear is far from a fad. 

Streetwear is experimental at its very roots, created from the energy of young people trying to find a style, through various trials and errors, that was truly their own. Fashion prior to this was more structured, suits, sets, matching tops and bottoms, dress shoes, heels, and sneakers were to be worn with sportswear, unless an emergency called for otherwise. Streetwear broke that that mold with a unique advance towards fashion, a do-it-yourself methodology that sparked innovation. With rigidity bent, the style is constantly evolving and has become a global phenomenon. 


 An unorthodox fashion steeped in comfort and expression, freedom is just another synonym for streetwear. What is streetwear? Elements of hip-hop, sportswear, punk, new wave and heavy metal have influenced what is today known as streetwear.
Of course as streetwear lacks confinement, new ways of defining this vogue are constantly arising. Sweatpants can be paired with heels and a suit jacket! Mode with sportswear, Victorian era inspired clothing with urban clothing. The possibilities are near infinite. Best of all, well at least in my humble opinion, right alongside comfort, versatility is one of the strongest suits of streetwear. It is for everybody and their grandma. It disregards etiquette and some of the more standard fashion rules. It cares very little for the wearers size, shape, color or form; no. The wearer is in control, they are free to style as they please. 
Thus, the streets have spoken! Streetwear is here to stay, visual art in motion has never looked better.